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Friday's Mini-Report

<p>Today's edition of quick hits:* The details of the story appear to change quickly, but it appears Chen Guangcheng and his family will be

Today's edition of quick hits:

* The details of the story appear to change quickly, but it appears Chen Guangcheng and his family will be able to leave China to study abroad.

* In the meantime, Mitt Romney seems eager to condemn U.S. efforts in this case, a move even Bill Kristol found foolish. "To inject yourself into the middle of this way with a fast moving target I think is foolish," Kristol told Fox News, adding, "There is no need to butt into a fast moving story when the secretary of state is in Beijing with delicate negotiations."

* Romney also believes the U.S. should create 500,000 jobs a month and have an unemployment rate below 4%. For a guy who pretends to have an expertise on economic policy, this is oddly incoherent.

* Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said today U.S. enemies in Afghanistan "have sought to take advantage of a series of troubling incidents involving misconduct on the part of American troops," adding, "These days, it takes only seconds for one picture to suddenly become an international headline."

* Keystone lingers: "TransCanada Corp. reapplied for a permit Friday to carry oil sands crude across the U.S. border as part of the Keystone XL pipeline project."

* Getting final approval for reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act will be difficult given that the House GOP version "would dramatically rollback confidentiality protections for abused immigrant women, make it more difficult for undocumented witnesses to work with law enforcement officials, and eliminate a pathway to citizenship for witnesses who cooperate with police on criminal cases."

* Jonathan Cohn makes a point about the Affordable Care Act that often goes overlooked: "The Affordable Care Act will actually increase freedom, by giving people more opportunities to obtain health insurance and, as a result, to get affordable medical care when they inevitably need it."

* It's genuinely amazing to think where the economy would be today were it not for all the easily-preventable public-sector layoffs (i.e., austerity).

* Fox News' Brian Kilmeade believes terrorists prefer to watch msnbc. No one's ever accused Kilmeade of being brilliant.

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