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Frantically, behind the scenes. . .

A race to avoid a fashion disaster

Right before coming on our show last night to talk about the Alaska Senate race, political genius Nate Silver tweeted that he was about to appear on TRMS in "what might quite possibly be the world's ugliest tie." Then he sat down in the interview chair during a commercial break, and Rachel Maddow actually saw, for herself, what he had on -- and it equaled no. "He's wearing a houndstooth-check shirt, and this," she said today, holding the tie and still laughing. "I just intervened and I said, 'You have take that tie off.' " Somehow, while Rachel ran through the introduction to the segment, Nate and an undisclosed number of technicians managed to get him out of the necktie and recombobulated. Nate did the interview and then autographed the tie; we added it to our collection. He tweeted later: "Will keep a tie at the office for future emergencies; hard to find one in Times Sq that doesn't feature Empire St Building or Wile E. Coyote." After the jump, a still photo from the Necktie Incident. [The segment, with Nate Silver after the tie removal.] Photo by Andrew Dallos, of the tie removal in progress: