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Early voting drawing crowds in several states

Early voting begins in Prince Georges County, Maryland - 6-hour wait in line to vote on first day of early voting in MD.
Early voting begins in Prince Georges County, Maryland - 6-hour wait in line to vote on first day of early voting in MD.

The weekend saw several states open up for early voting and when I checked our inbox this morning it was full of photos of long, snaking lines. Here is just a sample of some of what we received:

Early voting lines in west Baltimore, Park Heights neighborhood, where over 500 people were constantly streaming in to vote.-While I'm Canadian, and can't vote, I went with my husband to early voting in Baltimore. Here in Maryland the right to marry is on the ballot, and its outcome affects us directly, and I wanted to at least engage how I could with the voting process, even if I couldn't vote myself. While there were only five stations in Baltimore (for a city of 600K !) we stopped at the second one and decided to do the wait in line there, in the Park Heights neighborhood, a proud, but challenged neighborhood that struggles under poverty, violence and crime. People were out in DROVES. There were over 500 people in line, and growing all the time. But it moved quickly (props to the voting clerks). And the spirit of folks in line was telling - people applauded - people applauded "first time" voters... "outed" by the clerks, lol, and the general mood was one of anticipation, excitement, and not because of the impending storm Sandy, but more because "We need to get this thing done."The location was the Public Safety training facility, an old school. Interesting, as we waited, and shuffled a long, we were greeted by the signs above, normally for police cadets: INTEGRITY, COURAGE, and right before folks went in to vote, appropriately, the sign overhead before entering the gymnasium read "HONOR" - I can't think of words which more accurately describe the challenge to democracy in the past year and how, against suppression, threats, dispossession and disownership of people and their communities, how people still rose, with integrity, courage, and HONOR and CAST THEIR VOTES! YES!
LGBT FAMILY with children waiting to vote in Vegas. We know of the ramifications of this election on our family.
Early Voting Line in Miami, Florida. 1 hour and 45 minutes from start to finish. October 29, 2012.
Waiting for the polls to open for early voting in Savannah, Ga.
Early Voting Line at 1:00 p.m. in Arlington, TX.-I voted in Southeast Arlington, Texas at about 1:00 p.m. on Friday. The line only took 15-20 minutes to get through and had been pretty steady. The voters were very representative of the diversity in the area around the polling place.
2:20 in line to vote and dozens of people just saw the line and left. The Ballot was two pages (18 inches long) front and back. This was the first day of early voting in Florida, and there were only 4 people working at the polls.