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Deportation relief delay and other headlines

Morning headlines: a review of policy that could have eased deportations is called off because of politics, oldest Congressman turfed out in primary.
North Carolina House of Representatives Sergeant-at-Arms Clyde Cook Jr., center, huddles with General Assembly Officer C. Honeycutt, far left, and Speaker of...

Pres. Obama asks Homeland Security to delay a review that could reduce deportations . (NY Times)

Rep. Ralph Hall became the first Congressional incumbent this cycle to lose in a primary. (Dallas Morning News)

14 Moral Monday protesters were arrested during a sit-in yesterday. (Raleigh News & Observer)

House panel to question VA officials about destroyed documents today. (Washington Post)

Pres. Obama's commencement address at West Point will seek to recast postwar foreign policy. (AP)

Edward Snowden says he's in Russia because the U.S. trapped him there. (NBC News)

White House to investigate the accidental outing of the CIA's top spy in Afghanistan. (Time)

MI Gov. Rick Snyder signs bill raising minimum wage before voters can raise it even more. (AP)

A photographer looks at what the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls left behind. (NY Times)

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