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Decryptomaddowlogical #82

Ok, I think this game is self-explanatory but in case you're new, the way it works is there's a clue, there's a puzzle and there's a link.

If you figure it out, NO BLURTING! Brag about it on the comment thread if you can't contain yourself.

Ok, your clue:

While the release of subpoenaed e-mails shows that the closure of local traffic lanes entering the George Washington Bridge from Fort Lee, New Jersey was a malicious act to create "traffic problems," but the reason why remains elusive. Some people may form ideas based on the available material, but until we get more hard evidence, all anyone is doing is...

Need help? Need to shout out the answer without spoiling anyone else’s game?

There’s a thread for that.

*Remember to mention the number of the puzzle you’re talking about.