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Decryptomaddowlogical #102

Wrong on its face edition

As a general rule I try to avoid Decryptomaddowlogical puzzles with too many small words because they're too easy to unscramble, but this pun from the RP graphic brainstorm group* was so clever and apt that I couldn't pass it up.

Last night Rachel talked with Rekha Basu, columnist for The Des Moines Register, about whether there's more of a political angle to Republican vaccine skepticism than was initially apparent. If that's what's happening, it would appear that Governor Chris Christie is engaged in a case of ... 

Need help? Need to shout out the answer without spoiling anyone else’s game?

There’s a thread for that. (More direct link here.)

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*I don't know if we've ever done an explainer of where these puns come from, but every day there is a brainstorming meeting to think of things for the graphic that appears behind Rachel. That graphic has different names depending on the size and placement, but generally we refer to the "rear projection graphic," so we call that the RP meeting. So I'm not sure who came up with today's answer, but it's a product of the fine minds that generate lists of ideas at that meeting.