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Citizens for Recycling First statement to TRMS

I have no idea how the Chinese signatures made their way onto the White House website.

I have no idea how the Chinese signatures made their way onto the White House website. For all I know, some environmental group who wanted to embarrass Citizens for Recycling First could have done it as a prank.The implication of EIP’s news release is that Citizens for Recycling First or ACAA (two separate organizations – although I do work with both) cheated on the website. I categorically deny this. First of all, I don’t know how to cheat on a website administered by the White House which required every signer to register and verify their email address. Second of all, why would anyone trying to cheat do something as ridiculous as sign with Chinese characters and repeatedly list ACAA’s hometown?EIP’s conclusion that the petition was “opposing tightened regulation of coal ash dumpsites” is also just plain wrong. Quite the contrary, the petition clearly asked the Obama administration to “promptly enact disposal regulations.”  It’s groups like Environmental Integrity Project who are holding up enactment of new disposal regulations through their intransigent insistence that the regulations come with an unwarranted, unnecessary and damaging “hazardous waste” designation.The best solution to coal ash disposal problems is to quit throwing coal ash away. It would be great if organizations like Environmental Integrity Project could do anything at all to provide support to legitimate, environmentally beneficial recycling activities rather than wasting time promoting silly made-up controversies.John N. WardChairman, Citizens for Recycling First