Citations for the May 8, 2015 TRMS

Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Tonight's guests:

  • Mike Donoghue, senior staff writer for The Burlington Free Press
  • Katrina Plonczynski, French bulldog beastmaster, human laserbeam of cable news attention

Tonight's links:

Past Tense Oregon: 70 years ago Tuesday, balloon bomb killed 6 near Bly

Military unit blows WWII-era Japanese balloon bomb to ’smithereens’

Lindsey Graham looking at June 1 to announce White House run, sources say

Security Level Raised At U.S. Military Bases Due To ISIS Concerns

Cameron savors shock triumph in British election

Conspiracy Theories Over Jade Helm Training Exercise Get Some Traction in Texas

N.Y. State Senate Leader Dean Skelos, Son Arrested on Corruption Charges

Leland Yee pleads not guilty to gun trafficking, corruption charges

Virginia Politician Serves 2 Terms: In Jail and in the State Legislature

Vt. senator pleads not guilty to sex charges

Sen. McAllister Pleads Not Guilty To Sex Charges

Records outline sex assault case against senator

Lawmakers Express 'Shock' at McAllister's Arrest

Sen. Norm McAllister Charged With Human Trafficking

State Senator Arrested On Sexual Assault Charges

State Sen. McAllister Pleads Not Guilty to Sexual Assault Charges

Ben Carson: If gays can marry, what about 'other groups'?

Conservatives secure stunning victory

After Labour's election horror, the soul-searching begins

General Election 2015: Gower won by Conservatives for first time since 1906

Ed Miliband announces his resignation as Labour Party leader

Scottish National Party Heads for Landslide

Temporary Security Improvements to Vehicle Access Points on the Ellipse (pdf)

Agencies Announce Implementation Timeline for Enhanced Temporary Security for White House Complex (pdf)