Citations for the May 6, 2015 TRMS

Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Tonight's guests:

  • North Dakota State Represenatitve Ron Guggisberg, a captain with Fargo Fire Department
  • Christy Hoppe, Austin Bureau Chief for the Dallas Morning News.

Tonight's links:

Republicans threaten move to Canada after Obama win

Alberta election: Here come the 'I'm moving to Saskatchewan' tweets

Canada pulls out of Kyoto Protocol

Alberta Conservative premier resigns as party leader, quits his seat

Alberta election: NDP's surprise win over conservatives

Left turn in Canada's oil-rich Alberta leaves investors reeling

UPDATE 1-Left turn in Canada's oil-rich Alberta stuns energy industry

NDP win in Alberta followed by surprise snow, Twitter blizzard

Alberta election 2015: Energy sector braces for change with NDP win

Alberta's oil patch now in uncharted waters with NDP premier

What Alberta's shocking election results could mean for the oil sandsWorld's Top Oil Producers

US, Canada release tougher oil-train safety standards

New oil-train safety rules will put public back in the dark

ND Department of Health Issues Advisory about Train Derailment

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder Sees Opening in GOP Presidential Field

Rick Santorum to announce 2016 plans on May 27

Huckabee: Wait To Join Military Until Obama Leaves Office

Rick Snyder not running for president

Mike Huckabee Has Chuck Norris in His Corner Again


Chuck Norris takes on food industry's fat tricks

Chuck Norris powers up benefits of bone broth

Chuck Norris fights off disease with probiotics


JADE HELM 15, CRIME STOPPERS AND KSK - Exclusive: Chuck Norris reminds Americans to never check brains at government's door

PRESS RELEASE: Exercise readies SOF for threats abroad

Operation Jade Helm- Military trains for Martial Law in American South-West

★Creepy Denver Airport Dulce Video Underground Holding Facilities-Will Jade Helm Go Live – Labor Programs and Civilian Prison Camps

Jade Helm, Walmart And DUMBS: Are the closed Walmarts being activated as central command for underground operations?

Abbott Jade Helm 15 Letter

Abbott Defends Jade Helm 15 Decision

Ted Cruz Says He Has Asked the Pentagon for Answer on Jade Helm

Rand: I'll Look Into Whether The Military Is Planning To Takeover The Southwest

Ask your boss if birth control is right for you

House votes to strike down D.C. law banning reproductive discrimination

H.J. Res. 43 – Disapproving the action of the District of Columbia Council in approving the Reproductive Health Non-Discrimination Amendment Act of 2014 (pdf)

Sen. Ted Cruz seeks to upend D.C. laws on contraception coverage, gay rights