Citations for the May 26, 2015 TRMS

Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Tonight's guests:

  • Mayor Annise Parker of Houston, Texas
  • Pastor Richard Gibson, tri-chair of the Greater Cleveland Congregations

Tonight's links:

9/15/11 - Texas drought worsens from 'abysmal'

Woman protesting drilling leaves Shell ship in Washington harbor after hanging on since Friday

Colorado River flooding risk heading toward Bastrop

In Iran, a spark of enthusiasm for America’s national pastime

July 24, 2014 - Post reporter, other journalists appear to have been detained in Iran

Jason Jones: Behind the Veil - Minarets of Menace Revisited

Post reporter jailed in Iran faces 4 charges including espionage

Jason Rezaian of Washington Post Goes on Trial in Iran

Post reporter’s ‘espionage’ trial adjourns; it’s unclear if it will resume

As Bush Settles Into Dallas, Golf Tees and Family Time Now Trump Politics

Bush Will Soon Call Dallas 'Home' Again

Ex-President Bush, Laura Bush move to Dallas home

Bushes Buy Dallas Home for Residence

Retirement home? President Bush buys home in posh Dallas, Texas neighborhood of Preston Hollow

Former President Bush, Laura Bush Move To Dallas Home

President George Bush Buys A New Home In Dallas

State investigation tells why police fired

United States of America v. City of Cleveland - Settlement Agreement (pdf)

Cleveland police to stop hitting people on heads with guns as part of Justice Department agreement

Cleveland Police Pistol-Whipped Suspects, Punched Juveniles, And Pepper-Sprayed Mentally Ill People

Investigation of the Cleveland Division of Police (pdf)

Cleveland officer who shot Tamir Rice had 'dismal' handgun performance for Independence police

Turkmenistan rebuilds giant rotating golden statue

Turkmenistan Unveils Massive Gold-Leaf Statue of President

Signs Say What Bush Won't

New ‘cottage’ at Maine compound for Jeb Bush