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Citations for the March 13, 2015 TRMS

Links to material cited on Friday night's show
Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Tonight's guests:

  • Steve Clemons, editor-at-large for the Atlantic
  • Aimee Black, mini-shaker prize-winning News Dump competitor

Tonight's links:

Hillary Needs Competition

Democrats Have No Bench? Be Serious.

Chris Christie on the brink

Christie stuck in a jam over GWB lane closings

Chris Christie Tells New Hampshire Republicans He Is Who He Is

Jon Stewart rips into Christie's settlement with Exxon

Exxon Settles $9 Billion Pollution Case in New Jersey for Far Less

Christie’s Office Drove Exxon Settlement, Ex-Official Says

ExxonMobil to Pay Historic Environmental Settlement In Addition To Site Clean-Up & Remediation Costs

Chunk of New Jersey’s Money From Exxon Settlement Is to Go to Legal Fees

EDITORIAL: ExxonMobil deal a cheap budget gimmick

EDITORIAL: ExxonMobil settlement must be blocked

Christie must come clean in oily Exxon settlement | Editorial

Editorial: N.J. $250M settlement with Exxon Mobil over Meadowlands damage defies reason

NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey, March 1-5 (pdf)

McCain responds to Hillary blasting GOP Iran letter

Republicans Admit: That Iran Letter Was a Dumb Idea

Iran letter blowback startles GOP

GOP senator has one 'regret' over Iran letter

Senate GOP's Iran letter sparks American outrage, #47Traitors Twitter trend

Editorial: Ayotte signs up for a dangerous political game


Editorial: Utah senators increase risk of war

Editorial: GOP letter to Iran disgraces America

Hate mail: Senators seek to sabotage Obama's foreign policy

Republican Idiocy on Iran

Editorial: Republican senators go nuclear with missive to Iran

Editorial: GOP senators' dumb, destructive letter

EDITORIAL: GOP senators need lessons in both civics and politics

The Record: Outrageous senators

Editorial: An ignoble letter from 47 senators

Editorial: Cotton seeks to interfere in Iran negotiations

Editorial: Portman wrong to sign Iran letter

Editorial: 47 GOP senators have wrong strategy on Iran

GOP letter to Iran was outrageous

Corker, Alexander refused to sign Iran letter. Good.

New poll: Netanyahu's Likud down to 20 seats

Texas is about to run out of lethal injection drugs

Execution leaves Texas with only one deadly dose

Texas Department of Criminal Justice: Scheduled Executions

Lethal injection drug sold from UK driving school

Governor: Firing squad a bit gruesome but could be backup

Could Sedative Be Used in Future Texas Executions?

Inmate’s death called ‘horrific’ under new, 2-drug execution

Botched execution described as 'a bloody mess,' court filing shows

Execution of Arizona murderer takes nearly 2 hours

Company says it didn’t sell execution drug to Alabama

Supreme Court will review lethal injection drug protocol used in executions

S.& P. Downgrades Debt Rating of U.S. for the First Time

The U.S. is about to hit the debt limit (again)