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Citations for the June 8, 2015 TRMS

Links to material cited on Monday night's show
Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Tonight's guests:

  • Jesse McKinley, reporter with the New York Times
  • Dave Helling, political reporter for the Kansas City Star

Tonight's links:


July 3, 2009 - 3 escaped Indiana prisoners at large

8/25/2008 - 8 inmates escape from N.M. jail, 1 caught

Leslie Dale Martin

Video shows dramatic moment Canadian gangsters escaped jail in a HELICOPTER that landed in prison yard

July 07, 2003 - Two Convicted Murderers Escape from N.Y. Prison

Elmira 2003 prison escape called 'widespread breakdown'

The Crimes That Put Escaped Inmates Matt, Sweat in Prison

‘Anything is possible’ with Richard Matt, says cop who helped imprison violent escapee ‘for life’

Prison worker questioned about escape

Bernie Sanders visits Keene for first time as presidential candidate 

Hillary Clinton ekes out slim win against Sanders in Wisconsin straw poll

August 8, 1988 - THE MEDIA BUSINESS; Murdoch Agrees to Buy TV Guide In a $3 Billion Sale by Annenberg

Charles Annenberg Weingarten, a Philanthropist With Exotic Pet Causes

Louisiana House votes 27-67 to keep unconstitutional anti-sodomy law on the books

Utah Liquor Laws, as Mixed Up as Some Drinks

North Carolina May Soon Let Clerks Refuse Marriage Licenses to Gay and Interracial Couples

On their wedding day, turned away by NC magistrates

North Carolina Senate Overrides Governor's Veto To Revive Anti-Gay Marriage Bill

Brownback’s Tax Cuts Prompt S&P to Reduce Kansas’s Rating

To avoid furloughs, Kansas lawmakers temporarily declare all state workers ‘essential’

Kansas schools close early as Brownback tax cuts squeeze revenue

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback Threatens to Defund Judiciary if It Rules Against Him

Prosecutors question Kobach claims of voter fraud in Kansas

Brownback signs election bill, gives Kobach prosecutorial authority

Moose, twin calves cool off and play in Channel 2 viewer's sprinklers Sunday

2nd Trial of Washington Post Reporter Held in Tehran 

Alaska Department of Fish and Game on Facebook

Eel-like fish drop from sky in Fairbanks

Raining lampreys: Eel-like fish drop from the air in Fairbanks