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Citations for the June 29, 2015 TRMS

Links to material cited on Monday night's show
Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Tonight's guests:

  • Dahlia Lithwick, senior editor and legal correspondent for Slate
  • Roberta Kaplan, who successfully argued the Windsor case two years ago that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act

Tonight's links:


Univision cuts ties with Donald Trump, Miss USA pageant over Mexican remarks

Donald J. Trump - ‏@realDonaldTrump - Mexican gov doesn't want me talking about terrible border situation & horrible trade deals. Forcing Univision to get me to stop- no way!

Donald Trump statement regarding NBC

New Jersey Poll Shows Drop in Chris Christie’s Approval Ratings

After 14 years of watching Christie, a warning: He lies | Moran

Supreme Court strikes blow against gerrymandering

Supreme Court Blocks Obama’s Limits on Power Plants

Supreme Court Blocks Rules Affecting Texas Abortion Clinics

U.S. Supreme Court to Consider Affirmative Action at Public Universities


Supreme Court Breakfast Table

Alabama in legal knots over gay marriage

Roy Moore: Alabama judges not required to issue same-sex marriage licenses for 25 days

Two counties out of marriage business for good after Supreme Court ruling

Interactive maps: How Texas counties are handling same-sex marriage licenses

Clerks begin issuing same-sex marriage licenses

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont Announces 2016 Presidential Run: 'I Am Running for President'

Vermont voting rules