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Citations for the June 17, 2014 TRMS

Links to material cited on Tuesday night's show

Drudge Report: Price of meat soars! (also Benghazi)

U.S. captures Benghazi suspect in secret raid

Senators Graham, Ayotte and McCain Pen Letter to President Obama Requesting Benghazi Answers

US seizes Benghazi suspect in deadly Libya attack

United States of America v. AHMED ABU KHATALLAH, also known as “AHMED MUKATALAH" (pdf)

U.S. Said to Rebuff Iraqi Request to Strike Militants

Why Barack Obama can’t get out of Iraq

US seizes Benghazi suspect in deadly Libya attack

Stop treating war-crazy buffoons as experts! They got it wrong, remember?

On Iraq, let’s ignore those who got it all wrong

Howard Dean: Media Should Stop Boosting People Who Got Iraq Wrong

Iraq War Boosters Get Second Chance In Media Spotlight

Dem Rep.: The Media Should Stop Consulting John McCain On Iraq

Get to Be Wrong Before We Stop Asking Them What to Do in Iraq?

James Fallows - ‏@JamesFallows - Working hypothesis: no one who stumped for original Iraq invasion gets to give ‘advice’ about disaster now. Or should get listened to.

"Sign the petition telling the Iraq war cheerleaders to shut up."

Only America Can Prevent a Disaster in Iraq

Tough Hill vote on Syria fades

Autopsy finds failure to place IV properly during botched Oklahoma execution

Appeals panel refuses to overturn Winfield stay

John Henry scheduled for execution at 6 p.m. Wednesday

A.M.A.: Opinion 2.06 - Capital Punishment

Anesthesiologists and Capital Punishment (pdf)

Physicians, Medical Ethics, and Execution by Lethal Injection

NC GOPer: Unlike Blacks Or Hispanics, 'Traditional' Population Isn't Growing (VIDEO)