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Citations for the July 17, 2014 TRMS

Links to material cited on Thursday night's show

April 06, 1990 - One Must Question The Current Value Of Military Medals

October 12, 2001 - Ukraine admits missile may have downed Russian plane

Joshua Archer - ‏@joshuadarcher - @ArmsControlWonk One deleted tweet by .@dnrpress shows BUK missiles under DNR militia control, translation by Google 

Donetsk defence forces take control of army unit equipped with missile defence systems

Ukraine: Pro-Russia Rebels Downed Malaysian Plane

Malaysia Airlines Passenger Jet Shot Down Over Ukraine, U.S. Officials Say

Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash: Flight Shot Down Over Ukraine (LATEST UPDATES)

Ukrainian Military Plane Is Shot Down as Russia Adds to Presence at Border

December 9, 1996 - Ex-Soviet Pilot Still Insists KAL 007 Was Spying

The terrible history of passenger planes getting shot out of the sky

Russia warns of grave consequences from new U.S. sanctions

To Hell and Back...Scene at the World Trade Center by Todd Maisel

Israel, Hamas Agree to Temporary Humanitarian Cease-Fire in Gaza

Putin Blames Ukrainian Government for Malaysia Jetliner Crash