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Citations for the February 4, 2015 TRMS

Links to material cited on Wednesday night's show
Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Bush's Baseball Ambassadors

September 04, 1989 - The Worst Ambassador? He Has A Great Chance To Embarrass The U.S.

A Fix guide on how not to pick an ambassador

The Would-Be Ambassador To Norway Who Has Never Been There Himself

United Arab Emirates, Key U.S. Ally in ISIS Effort, Disengaged in December

Muslim outrage grows against Islamic State but questions linger over next steps in fight

Can the Islamic State’s Last Hostages Be Saved?

Mission to Rescue James Foley, Other Hostages in Syria Failed: Officials

The Failure of American Hostage Rescues

Navy SEALs rescue kidnapped aid workers Jessica Buchanan and Poul Hagen Thisted in Somalia

Rand Paul Really Wants You to Know He's Pro-Vaccine

Rand Paul Takes a Shot at ‘Liberal Media’ While Literally Getting a Shot

Mr. Paul’s and Mr. Christie’s irresponsible comments about measles vaccinations

Rand Paul and Pandering to the Paranoid

The Weird Vaccine Panic

Were Those Aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 the First Victims of ‘the New Cold War’?

The Risk of a New Cold War

Echoes of a Cold War: U.S., Europe and Russia face off over Ukraine

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Don't turn downing of jet into a Cold War club

U.S. Considers Supplying Arms to Ukraine Forces, Officials Say

Preserving Ukraine’s Independence, Resisting Russian Aggression: What the United States and NATO Must Do (pdf)

'No doubt' US will provide arms: Ukraine president

Republican Party Leaders Offered Free Trip to Israel Next Year

U.S. NGO: Evangelical 'hate group' funding Republican National Committee trip to Israel

AFA's Fischer Outdoes Himself

AFA’s Bryan Fischer: HIV Doesn’t Cause AIDS

Fischer: "No More Mosques, Period"

Latest Bryan Fischer Tirade: Gay Activists Commit Most Hate Crimes

Perry Camp's Anti-Mormon Message

Right attacks RNC over Israel trip

'Hate Group' Funds Republican Trip to Israel