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Citations for the February 2, 2015 TRMS

Links to material cited on Monday night's show
Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Tonight's guests:

  • Ryan Grim, DC bureau chief for The Huffington Post
  • Senator Johnny Isakson, chairman of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee

And find tonight's links after the jump...

Mitt Romney visits London while stumbling on almost every front

Oh, Mitt: those Romney gaffes in full

'Devoid of charm, offensive and a wazzock': Romney's disastrous day in London after saying he didn't know if Olympics would be a success

Wannabe US President Romney in Games insult, but David Cameron insists: We'll show you

Mitt Romney's Olympics gaffe overshadows visit to London

Mitt Romney visits London while stumbling on almost every front

Mitt Romney's Olympic stumbles in London

Romney trip begins in shambles

Fox News man is 'idiot' for Birmingham Muslim comments – David Cameron

Fox News guest mocked on Twitter for declaring Birmingham, England ‘totally Muslim’

Fox News Apologizes for False Claims of Muslim-Only Areas in England and France

Bobby Jindal won't back down on 'no-go zone' comments

Rand Paul Was Longtime Member Of Group That Promoted Autism-Vaccines Link

CDC warns of 'large outbreak' of measles

Bachmann: Woman Told Me Gardasil Made Her Daughter Retarded

Bachmann Goes Off the Deep End? 

Bachmann: Gardasil causes “mental retardation”

Rush: Bachmann jumped the shark over Gardasil causing mental retardation

Bachmann claims HPV vaccine might cause ‘mental retardation’

Koch Pledge Tied to Congressional Climate Inaction

Christie Says Parents Should Have ‘Choice’ on Vaccinations

Rand Paul: Vaccines Can Lead to 'Mental Disorders'

Following surgery, ‘no definitive verdict’ yet on Harry Reid’s eyesight

Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran

John McCain demands leak investigation

The New York Times: These were not leaks

Condoleezza Rice Testifies on Urging The Times to Not Run Article

C.I.A. Officer Is Found Guilty in Leak Tied to Times Reporter

CIA and Mossad killed senior Hezbollah figure in car bombing