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Citations for the February 19, 2015 TRMS

Links to material cited on Thursday night's show
Links for the Maddow Show
Links for the Maddow Show

Tonight's guests:

  • Senator Sherrod Brown
  • Former Michigan Congressman Mark Shauer, director of the DLCC's super PAC, Advantage 2020

Tonight's links:

John G. Tower, 65, Longtime Senator From Texas

Jeb Bush’s eye-popping event: $100K per ticket

Jeb Bush to visit Chicago for major speech, fundraising on Wednesday

Top Florida GOP fundraiser to host Coral Gables event for Jeb Bush's PAC

Inside Jeb Bush's ‘shock and awe’ launch

6 cringeworthy moments in Jeb Bush’s foreign policy speech

Jeb adds to the quotable-Bush canon

Jeb Bush Says ‘I Am My Own Man’ on Foreign Policy

How to know whether Jeb Bush really is his ‘own man’

'I'm My Own Man' : Jeb Bush Lays Out Foreign Policy Vision

Jeb Bush Tries to Distance Himself From Brother in Foreign Affairs Speech

Jeb Bush addresses family legacy: 'I'm my own man'

Jeb Bush: ‘I love my father and my brother…but I am my own man’

Jeb Bush’s foreign policy team is eerily familiar, in one Venn diagram

Jeb Bush on Foreign Policy: 'I Am My Own Man'

Report: Rudy Giuliani tells private dinner ‘I do not believe that the president loves America’

Scott Walker Declines To Say Whether He Thinks Obama 'Loves America' 

Gist of Giuliani's Statement on Obama 'Is True'

Obama and the Muslim Gang Sign

The Unbearable Stupidity Of Obama's "Muslim Gang Sign"

Feb. 26 committee vote set for Loretta Lynch nomination

Senate Judiciary Committee Agenda Thursday, February 26, 2015

Democrats launch new super PAC to combat GOP gerrymanders

Early federal sentencing recommendation for McDonnell: At least 10 years in prison

Letters ask for community service over jail for former Virginia governor

Bob McDonnell, Ex-Governor of Virginia, Is Sentenced to 2 Years for Corruption

Former Va. Gov, Wife Plead Not Guilty

Members of the Senate

Katrina Shealy - ‏@KatrinaShealy - It's official I am the Chair of the SC Senate Women's Caucus!!

SC Senator: Women Are “A Lesser Cut Of Meat”

SC's only female senator says sexist comments went too far

Sparring over remark hits SC Senate floor

Working Together and Across the Aisle, Female Senators Pass More Legislation Than Male Colleagues

Proof That Women Are the Better Dealmakers in the Senate