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The GOP's epic defeat in one chart

Chart: What Republicans demanded in exchange for not shutting down the government
Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow

Tonight on the show, Rachel ran through a list of House Republican demands in exchange for funding the government instead of shutting it down. From the script:

Republicans said that they would shut down the government -- or then, once they shut it down, refuse to open the government -- unless they got each of these things. Of all of these things that they wanted, they got nothing. The Democrats had suggested before this whole process that they would please like to talk about the budget, and now Republicans will go along with that.

If you're looking to read more, the National Review posted a great early peek at House Republican demands leading up to the shutdown. You'll see there were yet more that we couldn't fit on the chart. Thanks, @BlondeWonk, for suggesting we post it.

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