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In case of podcast emergency...

What to do when the podcast isn't working for you:

What to do when the podcast isn't working for you: Repairs to the malfunction that left many of you Maddow-less this morning are still being made so hopefully we'll have that fixed in time for tonight. In the meantime I thought it might be useful to some of you to to review your options when the iTunes podcast doesn't work. First, let us know and try again later. Often whatever broke the podcast can be fixed by resubmitting it. It takes a couple of hours for a TRMS or Countdown podcast to process. Second, try another version. We actually export several different video files and an audio file. Not all of them go to iTunes, so just because your iTunes podcast didn't load, that doesn't mean you don't have other options. Check the podcast page for the other links. Sometimes the mp4 or WMV file downloaded directly won't have the same problems as the iTunes podcast. (Last night's problem with the audio, for example, did not show up in the raw wmv file.) Third, check into the other options for watching Maddow online besides the podcast. Even on your phone -and even if your phone isn't an iPhone- there's a good chance your smartphone will play the individual TRMS clips, particularly now that has launched a new mobile site. The software is supposed to snif your phone and serve the kind of video you need. Try it. :) Of course, if you're just on your computer you can always watch the show clips at

One other note I'll point out is that the podcasts overwrite each other each day. Sometimes I hear from people who weren't able to watch a day's show and missed their chance because the new show has already overwritten it. If you don't want a podcast to be overwritten, find where you computer stores them and change the name of the file.

UPDATE 3/10/2015: Some of the above is out of date but the basic principles of the podcast hold. I've deleted a line about the TRMS iPad app, which has been discontinued. But I'd like to add that the new place to watch full episodes is, which keeps a three-day archive of past episodes. Viewing these episodes requires logging in with you TV subscription credentials.