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Breaking: Rachel Maddow's different

It's true what Rachel Maddow tweeted yesterday.

It's true what Rachel Maddow tweeted yesterday. She went to visit David Letterman and he wanted to talk about Chris Hayes. Letterman asked about Hayes, the guest host who looks so much like her. Maddow replied in a way that should send a message to every troll who comes along on this blog or on Twitter or wherever and tries to start a fight by pointing out that she's different. She knows. The Chris Hayes lookalike thing?

"It's a gender joke, because I sort of look like a guy, and so we got a guy who looks like me looking like a guy. It's very meta. It's very feminist studies."

Maddow went on to explain the Shirley Sherrod story and the politics of scaring white people. Bonus: what's the matter with CNN?

"I think they have opinions, but they think they are doing something qualitatively different that what FOX is doing and what what we are doing. I don't think they are, and I think the fact that they judge it to be different is their excuse for not really trying."

Cable news is an op-ed page, she said. And you're smart enough to know that already.