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Breaking new ground in Chutzpah Politics

<p>Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan intend to end Medicare, replacing it with a private voucher scheme.</p>

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan intend to end Medicare, replacing it with a private voucher scheme. So, naturally, the first campaign commercial from the Republican ticket since the weekend's announcement is an attack ad going after President Obama on ... Medicare.

In this painfully ridiculous spot, the voiceover tells voters Obama "cut $716 billion dollars from Medicare ... to pay for Obamacare." The ad goes on to say, "So now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you."

What's remarkable is just how spectacularly dishonest Romney is. It's like he heard about an award that goes to the lyingest liar who ever lied in the history of liars, and Romney's so eager to win the award that he's becoming a parody of himself.

Reality is actually quite simple. Republicans argue that Medicare savings are necessary for the health of the program, and Obama found such savings, without touching Medicare benefits, and while strengthening the financial health of the system. The savings are so sensible, they're part of Paul Ryan's Republican budget plan -- which Romney has endorsed.

Think about that for a second. Romney's truly pathetic attack ad goes after Obama for a policy that Republicans, including Romney's own running mate, have adopted.

The ad goes on to claim that the Affordable Care Act doesn't help seniors. Romney's blatantly shamelessly lying -- the law has already cut prescription drug costs for seniors and already makes preventive care available to seniors without copays.

Of course, in the bigger picture, I understand the loathsome strategy -- Romney just partnered with the "kill Medicare" guy, so he has to lash out with a massive deception in the hopes that voters are fools. But the ridiculous attack ad not only treats seniors like idiots, it also keeps the Medicare issue right where Democrats want it: up front and center.

Remember when Romney wanted to talk about jobs? Yeah, those were good times.