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Boasts, blurting and bewildered: Decryptomaddowlogical discussion thread [ARCHIVE]

This will be the standing link for comments on the Decryptomaddowlogical puzzles from #1 to #125.

UPDATE: Archived! This is now officially the archived thread for puzzles 1-125. I'll keep the thread open as we've seen a lot of people go back through past puzzles.

For puzzles beginning with 126, go here.

This will be the standing link for comments on the daily Decryptomaddowlogical. I can't enable comments on the posts themselves without also running the risk of exposing spoilers, so unless and until I think of a better idea, I'll link here from each day's puzzle for folks who need help or who can't stand not being able to tell someone that they figured it out.

Since it's bound to become disorderly, I recommend citing the number of the puzzle you're talking about in your comment.

ALSO NOTE: I'm going to reuse this link, which means there will be answers to all of the puzzles here. Depending on when you're joining in and whether you're working through the archive, you may want to ask a friend to look up a particular answer for you in order to avoid exposure to puzzles you haven't attempted yet.

I don't have a plan for prizes or anything yet, so for now "first" is just for bragging rights.