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Blue Dot: 'There is no hope' in Texas

If you're angling for gun reform in Texas, have a seat. You might be waiting awhile.

Rich, Brett, this may have been obvious from the start, but neither Texas nor Oklahoma is on the short list for the next round of laws to curb gun violence. The Washington Post reports that gun-control activists meeting this week have outlined the states where they think change is possible:

In addition to Colorado, the Center for American Progress is convening strategy summits with representatives of the major gun-control groups in Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington state and Wisconsin. The sessions include tutorials for gun violence victims and other local activists on how to tell emotional stories to lawmakers and in the news media.…They also see opportunity in Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where citizens have been organizing chapters of grass-roots volunteers to push for tougher laws.

Meanwhile, we learned from Colorado today that under that state’s new law for expanded background checks, 72 gun sales were blocked because the potential buyer either had some sort of criminal record or was under a restraining order.  “Dozens of criminals would be walking around with a gun right now if not for the new law,” state Representative Rhonda Fields, a Democrat, told the press. “Our intention was to make our communities safer and make it harder for criminals to get guns. We now have five months of data that prove that the law is working.”