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Bikers killed in shootout and other headlines

Morning headlines: 9 bikers killed after fight erupts during meeting of rival gangs, Amtrak trains running again, Gulf oil leak could go for a century.

9 bikers killed in shootout in Waco, Texas. (Dallas Morning News)

Amtrak trains are rolling again after last week's deadly derailment. (AP)

Obama administration bans some military-style assault gear from local police departments. (Washington Post)

Scott Walker eyes 2016 announcement in June. (Politico) 

The Bush family money machine springs to life. (Wall Street Journal)

Jeb Bush: no constitutional right to same-sex marriage. (Washington Post)

Iraqi city of Ramadi falls to Islamic State group. (AP)

U.S. says decade-old Gulf oil leak could last another century. (AP)

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