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Austerity Wisconsin

<p>Three related headlines from Wisconsin.</p>
Austerity Wisconsin
Austerity Wisconsin

Three related headlines from Wisconsin. First, regarding Wisconsin education, "Survey finds school districts have taken hits, Walker touts reforms."

The loss of [state] aid was supposed to be made up with flexibility passed by the Legislature that allows school districts to impose an increased share of costs for health insurance and pensions on employees.Some districts, however, were locked into labor contracts that pre-empted the new state law.

Second, regarding Wisconsin proposing to charge the poor more for health coverage, "Medicaid changes would drop 65,000 state residents."

Rep. Tamara Grigsby (D-Milwaukee) said that she believed many poor families would drop out of the program because they don't have the money to afford the new premiums."That doesn't sound like a choice to me," Grigsby said. "We're giving them a heck of a Christmas gift, a heck of a holiday surprise."

Third, regarding Wisconsin politics, "Walker foes energized by Ohio's repeal of union law."

Though Wisconsin has no similar process allowing voters to repeal laws passed by state officials, Walker opponents say the Ohio vote is giving them a shot of energy as they move ahead with a recall effort scheduled to begin against the governor Tuesday."Fortunately for Ohio, people there had a way to directly undo the damage their governor did. Here, our only recourse is to undo the governor's term in office. The process is different, but we have no doubt the result will be the same," Marty Beil, executive director of the Wisconsin State Employees Union, said in a statement.

(Chart from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. H/t @triumph68)