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Rachel Maddow handles the dunking duties as Bill Dwight accepts her challenge

The whole ice-water challenge thing is officially a hit -- everybody's doing it now... except maybe Liz Cheney.

Rachel got roped into it a few weeks ago when Shep Smith at the Fox News Channel challenged her for the The Kay Yow Cancer Fund.

Rachel accepted, got doused, and passed on the challenge for the Andi Leadership Institute to three pals:

  • Paul (PJ) Rieckhoff of IAVA
  • The aforementioned Liz Cheney
  • Bill Dwight, president of the Northampton, Massachusetts city council, and champion video store clerk

Bill's acceptance of the challenge came with a request for Rachel as manual labor... which looks like it turned out to be a lot more fun than getting doused herself.  Also, apparently Rachel cheats!  Here's how it went down:

Chillin' for Charity with Rachel Maddow from Bill Dwight on Vimeo.

Rachel Maddow dumps ice water on Northampton MA City Councilor Bill Dwight for charity...and because she appeared to enjoy it.

Rachel's charity:
Bill;s charity: