All that glitters is doable

As Rachel reported tonight, a transcriber for the White House Office of the Press Secretary included the phrase "eminently glittering" in the posted transcript of President Obama's remarks today concerning the Presidential Commission on Election Administration report.  Both the Washington Post and Politico used the phrase in their reporting on what the president had to say.

But what President Obama actually said is that the recommendations are "eminently doable."


Not glittering.

The full paragraph containing that phrase in the White House Press Office transcript reads:

And so we intend to publicize this and to then reach out to stakeholders all across the country to make sure that we can implement this, in part because one of the troubling aspects of the work that they did was hearing from local officials indicating that we could have even more problems in the future if we don’t act now.  The good news is, is that the recommendations that are contained in this commission report are eminently glittering.

How the word got from "doable" to "glittering" remains unclear, but at least for the time being there's a little more sparkle in the day's politics.