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Rachel Maddow Presents: Déjà News

Rachel Maddow, host of the #1 hits “Bag Man” and “Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra,” is back at the mic with a new original series, “Rachel Maddow Presents: Déjà News.” In each episode, Rachel and co-host Isaac-Davy Aronson seek a deeper understanding of a story in today's headlines by asking: Has anything like this ever happened before? Would knowing that help us grapple with what’s happening now… and what might happen next?

Episode Six

Newsreel 1935: Americans take sides on Italy's invasion of Ethiopia

In two newsreel clips from 1935, African-American men in Harlem volunteer for service in Ethiopia and three men, Italian-American Frank Magrno, George Haldman of Harlem, and William Reynolds, express their views on Italy's invasion of Ethiopia and the relation of the conflict to the U.S. (abrupt ending in original).

Episode Three

Episode Two

'The Committee' documentary

Produced by students and faculty at the University of Central Florida, “The Committee” features interviews with people who were targeted by The Johns Committee.


Finding Dan McCarty

Our guest Robert Buccellato’s book about Charley Johns and the progressive Florida governor who was his nemesis.

Episode One

'Croix de Feu' attempts to take France by storm in 1934

This March of Time newsreel describes the organizing of the Croix de Feu, "Crosses of Fire," and the events of February 6th, 1934 in Paris, an attempted fascist coup against the democratic government of France. Listen to episode 1 of Rachel Maddow presents: Déjà News for the full story.

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