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Meet Nick Brown: Owner of High Country Healing

Nick Brown owns High Country Healing. With three locations in Summit County, Colorado, Brown is seeking to expand while fielding substantial buyout offers.

Nick Brown

High Country Healing

Nick Brown graduated Princeton in 2005, then rushed back home to Colorado, where he pursued a career in the family financial business. He had been the top high school football player in the state only four years before. The legacy of his gridiron career was many tattoos and chronic pain from his many broken bones and surgeries. He soon became a medical marijuana patient, then a grower and caretaker and then a dispensary owner. It was only in 2014 that he became the owner of High Country Healing. Brown has three dispensary locations in Summit County and is in the process of acquiring Nature’s Way, another dispensary with two locations in Colorado Springs. The acquisition would include a partnership with his friend, Matt Moorman, who has big dreams of marketing the HCH brand nationally and building a dynasty. With demand for marijuana so high, one of Nick’s biggest problems is figuring out how to keep product on the shelves. Plants require about 24 weeks from seed to sale and every day he does not harvest plants, he estimates he loses $10,000 in sales. Since he cannot immediately increase supply, sometimes the only thing he can do is raise the price. A few of his Princeton friends have tried investing millions with him, but because of the state’s residency requirement, he’s had to turn them down.In its fifth year now, High Country Healing is expanding rapidly and while Nick seems to be too invested to sell out now, he does have the option. He is consistently getting offers for his Silverthorne location, including one potential buyer who has offered him up to $4 million for the one location. A bigger potential buyer is the owner of a “major corporation you’ve heard of, who wants to buy a small chain of stores for his son.” Another is a financier from Denver who has $40 million targeted to build a chain of 10 Colorado stores as the basis for building a national chain. Anything can happen on the front lines of this industry that is evolving at lightning speed.

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