Meet Julie Dooley- Julie's Baked Goods

Julie Dooley

Julie's Baked Goods

Julie Dooley is an organic baker and owner of Julie’s Baked Goods, applying her healthy approach to THC-infused edibles. But these aren’t your dorm room pot brownies. Julie whips up granolas, seed mixes, clarified canna-butters, canna-coconut oil and her extremely popular, Nutty Bite – a cluster of almonds and sunflower seeds tossed together in a maple syrup blend.After being diagnosed with celiac disease, Julie found that she continued to suffer with symptoms even after eliminating gluten from her diet. For Julie, a mother of three, cannabis was the best way for her to manage those symptoms – but she wanted to find a healthier way to consume it. This was the inspiration for Julie’s Baked Goods – a gluten-free, refined sugar-free, pesticide-free and non-GMO bakery. Julie says her methodical cannabis-infusion process requires clarified, organic butter to impart a creamy baked-in flavor, avoid impurities and ensure a long shelf-life. Julie considers herself to be a “cannabis connoisseur” – her business priding itself in hand-picking each strain of organic marijuana, offering consumers different therapeutic qualities.Business is booming for Julie’s Baked Goods – she supplies products to medicinal and recreational dispensaries across the state of Colorado. As more markets open up to legalized marijuana, her company stands to expand and grow to even greater heights.

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