Meet Bob Eschino: Owner of Incredibles

Bob Eschino


Bob Eschino is the co-founder and partner of the infused edible company, Incredibles. As one of the top edible companies in the business, his work has been recognized at the Cannabis Cup 2013 where his Peanut Butter Buddha Bar won second place. His entry into the business started in the medical marijuana days when he witnessed a close relative find miraculous results from cannabis rather than the prescribed narcotics. Bob and his business partner dumped everything they had into Incredibles and have seen great success from that investment.One of the biggest challenges an infused edible company has is finding "trim", the parts of the plant that used to be thrown away. Bob and Incredibles take that waste product and “turn it into liquid gold,” extracting the THC from the trim to create concentrates. These concentrates are then added to edibles to make products such as the aforementioned Peanut Butter Buddha Bar.Recent revisions to the laws governing edibles have caused production to slow slightly, as the producers change their processes to accommodate the new restrictions. But the demand for the product is as high as ever. Bob has planted the first seeds in a new grow facility that will allow him to produce 80,000 bars per month. Until the plants are fully grown, however, Incredibles only have the supply to produce 40,000 per month. Bob’s energies are focused on growing nationally. He hopes to ring in 2015 with a facility in Vegas and expand into the rest of the medically approved states.

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