Meet Andy Williams: Owner of Medicine Man

Andy Williams

Medicine Man

Andy Williams, the brains behind Medicine Man, is a serial entrepreneur who knows how to make millions and have a good time.  

Andy’s brother, Pete, is the heart of the operation, a man who got into medical marijuana to help others.   Together, they’ve built a family business.  Sister Sally keeps the books, Mom counts the cash and another five family members do everything from clipping the buds to waiting on the customers.  Medicine Man is one of the largest single store marijuana dispensaries in Colorado.

Andy has the business experience and vision to plan several steps ahead, building Medicine Man to become the “Costco of marijuana,” the biggest seller of weed on the planet. Every dollar the company has generated has been reinvested into building out their grow facility in Denver, a state-of-the-art greenhouse in Pueblo and eventually the largest outdoor marijuana farm in the world.  Of course, that’s way down the road… like next year.

While Andy leads the company and is one of the industry’s forefathers and spokesmen, Pete dresses up like Willy Wonka on 4/20 and hands out free joints.  Pete can be evangelical about the benefits of marijuana and is a master grower himself.  They feel the dual leadership model provides the company with a balance that other dispensaries don’t have. The result is that Medicine Man has the most variety (up to 72 different strains) and the lowest prices in Colorado.

As the biggest marijuana store in the world, Medicine Man should be scrutinized and studied by anyone looking to enter the industry.  There’s much speculation about what's happens down the road when many believe that the alcohol or tobacco corporations will decide to get in the game.  The thinking is that the big boys will wait a bit until the industry matures and then identify a handful of leading companies who have established solid foundations and brand identities.  Then, there will be billion dollar buyout offers and global brands will be launched.   Medicine Man wants to be at the top of that list.  

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