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Wendy Davis turns up heat on opponent over Nugent praise

Dem State Sen. Wendy Davis is slamming Texas Atty. Gen. Greg Abbott for his relationship with "predator" Ted Nugent.
Texas state Senator Wendy Davis speaks to supporters in Haltom City, Texas, Oct. 3, 2013.
Texas state Senator Wendy Davis speaks to supporters in Haltom City, Texas, Oct. 3, 2013.

As Texas Attorney General and likely Republican nominee for governor Greg Abbott takes heat for campaigning with former rock musician, gun enthusiast and well-known conservative firebrand Ted Nugent, his likely Democratic opponent Wendy Davis is joining the backlash. 

Davis blasted Abbott, who appeared with Nugent at two campaign stops Tuesday--the conservative duo sang each other's praises as "fighters for freedom." Davis insists Abbott has insulted Texans by campaigning alongside the right-wing provocateur.

"Greg Abbott's embrace of Ted Nugent is an insult to every Texan. If this is his idea of values, it's repulsive," Davis said of the pair Wednesday via twitter

Nugent, in addition to calling President Barack Obama a "subhuman mongrel" and hurling a slew of insults at former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, has been under fire for relationships with underage women. A video put together by the Lone Star Project juxtaposes footage of Abbott bragging about his work protecting children from predators with footage Nugent bragging about his penchant for underage women. 

Nugent has described Abbott as “the epitome of what our founding fathers wanted as a representative of ‘we the people,’” and introduced him as “my friend” and “my blood brother.”

"Greg Abbott has disgraced every Texan when he proudly defends his relationship with a man who has boasted of having sexual relations with underage girls," Davis spokesman Bo Delp told msnbc Thursday. "Abbott's twisted view of this man, in using a sexual predator to campaign for him, shows a disregard for every Texas parent who has a daughter, and shows that Abbott has no concept of true Texas."

Davis' campaign has looked to the connection as an opportunity to pick up financial support as well, firing off a fundraising email in addition to blasting Nugent and Abbott in social media. 

Abbott said this week that he chose to campaign with Nugent in order to highlight Davis' position on second amendment rights.