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Sharpton invites Bobby Jindal to free health clinic

Inspired by a viewer, Rev.

Inspired by a viewer, Rev. Al Sharpton invited Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to join him at a free health clinic PoliticsNation is hosting on July 3 with the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics.

Jindal has turned down the Medicaid expansion in the Affordable Care Act that would provide the state with an additional $15.8 billion dollars over 10 years to help provide coverage to people in his state who can neither afford health insurance today nor qualify for coverage under the existing Medicaid guidelines. Jindal's decision to reject the additional federal funding is keeping between 214,000 and 400,000 Louisianans from receiving health care, according to various estimates.

Our viewer Denise wrote in to the show:

"Reverend Al, Did you ask Gov. Jindal to volunteer at the upcoming clinic? It would be interesting to see if he is concerned about the health care needs of those without coverage and is willing to show his concern personally."

Rev. Sharpton loved Denise's idea, offering the governor an "opening invitation" to join msnbc and PoliticsNation at the clinic, where the doctors and volunteers will help provide health care to people who often go years without visiting a doctor because they cannot afford it. As NAFC Clinic Executive Director Nicole Lamoureux explained on an earlier show, upwards of 80% of the people who attend the clinics work, but still don't have health insurance for various reasons.

Regardless of whether or not Jindal makes it, you can help out at the clinic, either by volunteering or by donating.

How can I help?

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