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Rev's Early Reads: September 19

Speaker Boehner attacks the unemployed who'd "rather just sit around"... Rush Limbaugh compares GOP to battered wife... new signs of Obamacare success.
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Speaker Boehner attacks unemployed people who supposedly think "I really don't have to work... I'd rather just sit around."

Rush Limbaugh continues his sensitivity streak: "The Republican party is the equivalent of a battered wife."

Study shows two-thirds of insurance plans now cover birth control, up from just a quarter pre-Obamacare.

Bizarre right-wing video proposes building border wall across Great Lakes (!) featuring man dressed up in ISIS constume (!!).

Federal court rules Florida police used excessive force in SWAT-style "license inspection" raid against barbershop.

How old are hair extensions? A new discovery from Egypt shows they're at least 3,300 years old.