Rev's Early Reads: November 21

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Pres. Obama promotes his executive action on immigration at a rally today at a Las Vegas high school.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio -- whose dept was found guilty of racially profiling Latinos -- files lawsuit against Pres. Obama over executive action.

Top legal scholars say the president's actions are completely constitutional.

GOP Secretary of State in Kansas discusses prospect of "ethnic cleansing" and claims Pres. Obama is "replacing American voters with illegal aliens."

New GOP house speaker in Nevada once wrote that Democrats have "master-slave" relationship with "simple-minded darkies." 

The inside story of how Pres. Obama crafted executive action on immigration.

Michael Brown's father releases video calling for peace and "positive change" no matter what grand jury decides. (Video)

Jury hearing testimony about inmate who died of renal failure after begging for help for days -- in pleas caught on prison video. (Video)