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Rev's Early Reads: June 30

Pivotal Supreme Court rulings today... GOP defends lawsuit against Pres. Obama... and college professor slammed to ground during jaywalking arrest.
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Supreme Court to release key rulings on Obamacare and unions today.

Pres. Obama to nominate former P&G chief as Veterans Affairs Secretary today.

In 2004, a Blackwater manager in Iraq told a U.S. govt. investigator "that he could kill" him in bid to stop probe.

Top GOP lawmaker defends suing Pres. Obama: "It’s not about our wanting to stop him from doing his job."

Karl Rove (!) compares Pres. Obama to "George III" on executive actions.

Former Pres. Bill Clinton accuses GOP of double standard on Benghazi.

Rick Santorum says "maybe it wasn't" bad that Founding Fathers limited who could vote in elections.

College professor slammed to ground by police after getting arrested for jaywalking. (Video)