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Rev's Early Reads: June 27

Pres. Obama rips Speaker Boehner for his lawsuit... poll shows majority of conservatives think the poor are lazy... a surprise guest in Fox News Iraq report.
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Pres. Obama calls Speaker Boehner's lawsuit a "stunt." (Video)

Poll shows vast majority of conservatives think the poor "have it easy" and are in that situation due to "a lack of effort."

Special prosecutor says Gov. Scott Walker was not a target of his investigation -- but he also hasn't determined yet whether to file charges.

How bank and phone companies are making lucrative profits from what critics say are predatory practices inside jails.

Guess who Fox News is asking to weigh in for their special "investigative report" on Iraq? 

Father sent to jail despite paying more than he owed in child support after discovering an apparent clerical error.

Flashback: what LBJ said about three murdered civil rights activists during 1964's "Freedom Summer."

Sherri Shepherd makes a big announcement about her future at "The View."