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Rev's Early Reads: June 18

Dick Cheney criticizes Pres. Obama on Iraq... Fox News stumbles in its big Benghazi interview with Hillary Clinton... and new study on savings under Obamacare.
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Captured Benghazi terrorist was apparently motivated to attack the U.S. consulate by an American-made video he considered anti-Islamic.

Obama admin. hits back against Republicans who want captured Benghazi terrorist sent to Gitmo instead of criminal court.

Fox News gets its big chance to ask Hillary Clinton about Benghazi... and blows it by asking her questions that have already been answered.

Dick Cheney -- yes, Dick Cheney -- emerges from his bunker to write op-ed criticizing Pres. Obama on Iraq.

New study shows that people qualifying for Obamacare subsidies are paying an average of just $82 for insurance.

Should a university be recruiting a 9-year-old to play college basketball?