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Rev's Early Reads: June 16

Cantor-Ingraham feud erupts on national TV... Mississippi GOP primary race gets even nastier... and Republicans seek advice on winning from Mitt Romney.
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Islamic militants in Iraq claim to have executed 1,700 Iraqi government soldiers.

Republicans appear to be "divided" on whether they're "divided."

Rep. Eric Cantor and Laura Ingraham feud over whether it's funny to joke about trading Cantor to the Taliban.

Republican senator hits Tea Party challenger with new ad about "hookers and blow." (Video)

GOP Rep. Raul Labrador after Idaho Republican convention: “This is as low as the party can go... we have hit bottom."

Approval for Congress is at its lowest point in a midterm election year in at least four decades.

Rudderless GOP looking for advice on leadership and winning turns to... Mitt Romney.

The Hill wants to know: Is Obama done with Washington?

The push for a Voter's Bill of Rights in Ohio is gaining steam.