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Rev's Early Reads: July 9

GOP's impeachment fever rises... CHP commissioner speaks out on beating video... and evangelical groups claim religious "freedom to discriminate".
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CHP head says he's "shocked" by video showing a patrolman beating a woman on Los Angeles freeway.

Religious groups seek exemption from presidential rule to get "freedom to discriminate" against gays and lesbians.

Hog-castrating, gun-toting GOP senate candidate in Iowa thinks "impeachment" should be an option since Pres. Obama has "become a dictator." (Video)

Sarah Palin thinks lawsuit doesn't go far enough against the "imperial presidency": GOP is trying to “bring a lawsuit to a gunfight."

Father accused of killing baby son by leaving him in hot car apparently said he was "harmless" on social dating site.

Fox News host thinks Pres. Obama is "the Manchurian candidate."

GOP lawmaker suggests U.S. military should invade Mexico to stop illegal immigration.