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Rev's Early Reads: July 31

House votes on GOP border bill today...Rep. Pelosi challenges Speaker Boehner on impeachment...Senate Republicans protect companies moving operations overseas.
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Sen. Cruz whipping votes against GOP's border bill ahead of vote today in House... because it's insufficiently anti-immigrant.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi says GOP lawsuit is really about "the road to impeachment."

Fox News pundit invents new category (not in Constitution) for Pres. Obama's actions: "medium crimes."

Right-wing radio talkers make it clear: they DO really want impeachment.

Fox News host claims Pres. Obama likes impeachment and birtherism because he "loves to be a victim."

GOP blocks bill to limit tax breaks for companies moving operations overseas.

Jon Stewart rips U.S. companies using corporate tax loopholes to park profits abroad. (Video)