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Rev's Early Reads: July 29

Pres. Obama mulls big move on immigration... GOP candidate talks about "nullifying" federal laws... and officer in CHP beating video is identified.
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Pres. Obama reportedly considering executive action to give work permits to millions of illegal immigrants.

Gun-toting, hog-castrating GOP senate candidate says Congress shouldn't pass laws "that the states would even consider nullifying."

On the other hand... Republican senator Jeff Sessions says it's Pres. Obama who wants to "nullify" federal law.

Sarah Palin seems to think that lots of Democrats want to impeach Pres. Obama too.

Revised lawsuit identifies officer in CHP freeway beating and claims he falsified his report on incident.

Family of teen found dead in rolled up gym mat files wrongful death lawsuit against the school.

Adorable alert! Daddy-daughter dance-off video goes viral. (Video)