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Rev's Early Reads: July 28

Rep. Paul Ryan defends plan to gut safety net... GOP "Representative Beefcake" resigns over vote fraud... and Sarah Palin: The TV Channel.
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Outside political groups backed by mega-donors like the Koch brothers are set to break $2 billion in spending on congressional races.

Rep. Paul Ryan defends his plan to gut the safety net by claiming it's "disincentivized people from going to work."

New House GOP majority leader repeatedly refuses to rule out impeachment of Pres. Obama.

Is America ready for the "Sarah Palin channel"? (Video)

First Lady Michelle Obama releases new video urging voters to get "passionate" about 2014 elections.

GOP state lawmaker who called himself "Representative Beefcake" resigns over vote fraud scandal.

Republican mayor from North Carolina to finish his walk to Washington DC today in protest over failure to expand Medicaid.