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Rev's Early Reads: July 16

House panel debates Pres. Obama lawsuit... GOP candidate's ridiculous mistake about immigrant kids... working mom arrested for letting her kid play at park.
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House committee holds first debate and vote on Speaker Boehner's lawsuit against Pres. Obama.

Pres. Obama to announce new initiatives aimed at climate change today.

Rep. Darrell Issa nears a regrettable milestone with his abuse of subpoena power.

Hillary Clinton takes 2016 "career aptitude test" on the Daily Show. (Video)

Dick Cheney's version of moderate thinking: “I’m not prepared, at this point, to call for the impeachment."

Watch GOP candidate describe "fear" he saw in bus full of immigrant kids -- then is told they're actually YMCA campers. (Video)

Fox News contributor's response to being asked if Pres. Obama is a Muslim: He has an "Eastern orientation, I'll put it that way."

Working mom arrested for letting her 9-year-old daughter play at the park while she's at work.