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Rev's Early Reads: January 6

Speaker Boehner faces revolt in vote to keep his job... new GOP concerns over "toxic" Rep. Scalise... why are some cities moving to ban sledding?
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Rep. Boehner faces Tea Party revolt today as House Republicans elect the new speaker.

GOP lawmakers fret over "toxic" Rep. Scalise after white supremacist controversy.

Virginia's former GOP governor Bob McDonnell to be sentenced today on corruption charges.

The Florida CEO who threatened to fire workers if Pres. Obama won in 2012... is now giving them raises.

Urban Outfitters pulls online ad of too-skinny model after "inner thigh gap" controversy.

New study debunks idea that you can be "fat but fit" over the long term.

Obama administration working on new rules for controversial payday loan industry.

Fears of lawsuits are prompting some cities to ban sledding.