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Rev's Early Reads: January 29

Pres. Obama hits road today to sell State of the Union agenda... GOP rep. calls him a "Socialist dictator"... and a Bush speechwriter makes an outrageous claim.
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President Obama hits the road today to sell his State of the Union agenda.

Republican lawmaker -- from the House floor -- tweets that President Obama is a "Socialist dictator" and "Kommandant-In-Chef." (Typo in the original)

Another Republican says State of the Union speech reads like "dictates from a King."

GOP lawmaker tells a reporter "I'll break you half" and "throw you off this f------ balcony" after the State of the Union. (Video)

Bush speechwriter claims President Obama plagiarized Bush (!) in State of the Union.

Gov. Christie's brother invested in properties near a train station slated for $256 million renovation -- championed by the governor.

The original odd couple: Meryl Streep and 50 Cent! (Instagram photo)