Rev's Early Reads: January 10

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Panel investigating Christie bridge scandal to release "thousands of pages" of documents from investigation today.

Top Democrat says fired Christie aide Bridget Kelly will be called to testify next.

First federal lawsuit filed against Governor Chris Christie over bridge scandal.

Conservative Wall Street Journal editorial page compares Christie bridge scandal to "jaywalking," while Rudy Giuliani dismisses it as a "prank."

The Christie story was big news everywhere... except on Fox News.

House Republicans kick off new year with yet another anti-Obamacare vote.

Rep. Paul Ryan is latest Republican to claim war on poverty "has failed."

GOP lawmaker who said there's "no such thing as a free lunch"... gets free lunch all the time!

Fox News correspondent on war on poverty: "They taught women, 'better not have a man in your house because you'll get more money if there's no guy there'."

Poet and activist Amiri Baraka has died.