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Rev's Early Reads: December 5

New "Obamacare Surge" numbers…Sen. Ted Cruz claims Pres. Obama is acting "dictatorial"…and a sad reaction after students asked "Can Santa Claus be a black man?"
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The Obamacare Surge: 56,000 enrolled over last three days.

Today's key quote on Obamacare from a GOP lawmaker: “Is it also true that some Americans’ lives have gotten better? Yes, and to not acknowledge that is to deny reality.”

Georgia insurance commissioner claims pre-existing conditions are like car wrecks: "It's your fault." (Video)

The cost of putting politics over people: Republican governors who refused Medicaid expansion cost their states billions.

Here we go again: "Senator Shutdown" Ted Cruz says President Obama is acting "dictatorial." (Video)

The dearly deluded: Fox Business apparently thinks President Obama might resign next year.

GOP lawmakers in Michigan want to force women to buy "rape insurance"...

...while Republicans on Capitol Hill are getting lessons in how to talk to women.

A sad reaction after students asked "Can Santa Claus be a black man?"

What do we learn from President Obama's book choices?